Meet the Opply team – Clément Sage


Globe-trotting, adventure-loving, and with a PhD in computational and applied mathematics on the side, Clement joined the Opply team in March as the data team’s first hire. His more recent achievements include explaining Opply’s entire supplier matching algorithm in an impressive 21 slides at our latest team day!


After growing up in the French countryside, Clement moved to Lyon to complete a masters in engineering at the Ecole Centrale de Lyon, following in the footsteps of our CTO Martin. In his PhD, he continued with a focus on computer science, developing deep learning algorithms for extracting information from documents. Always keen for a new adventure, Clement then bid “au revoir” to France and moved to Amsterdam, where he now lives with his girlfriend and their 4 bikes (of course!). 


Working as a data scientist at Opply means that Clement’s main job is to leverage the date collected by our data engineers, and use it to develop data-based approaches to solving Opply’s most complex problems. Over the past few months, a particular area of focus has been improving the algorithm that automatically finds relevant suppliers for the product inquiries of our buyers. To do so, the algorithm analyses millions of supplier web pages in less than a minute!

Q&A Time!

Why did you want to work at Opply?

“I really wanted to work for Opply since I directly connected with Martin during our interview calls. I also loved the technical assignment as it was an interesting and realistic glimpse into the future tasks that I would be solving at Opply. Finally, I had a culture interview with Helen where I could learn more about the Opply values. I love how the people here are so good at quickly experimenting with new ideas, learning from the results, and adjusting processes accordingly.”

How was your interview and onboarding experience?

“I was the first permanent hire in the tech team, so my onboarding was a bit hectic but that’s also why I wanted to join a start up! Besides, I appreciated the flexibility offered by the remote working conditions, while still having the opportunity to travel to London and other off-site locations for our quarterly retreats.”

Weirdest food you've ever eaten?

Definitely, century eggs that I tasted thanks to a former Chinese colleague.”

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