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Supply In The News – November Round-Up!

How is your business preparing for December?

Christmas is a time for lots of fantastic food and drink. Indulgent mince pies, decadent desserts… even a festive sprout or two!

This time of year is extremely busy when you work in the food and beverage industry. You need to order extra ingredients, find new suppliers, and ensure you’ve got enough products to keep your customers happy.

It’s no surprise that nearly one in four small businesses don’t enjoy this time of year!

We’ll look at how you can prepare for the festive rush at the end of this article. But before then, let’s look at some of the latest supply chain news stories.

News Bites:

“Consumers in the UK are set to purchase one of the most expensive Christmas meals in recent years"

How to survive the holiday rush as a food and beverage business

Clear communication is the key to ensuring Christmas goes without a hitch.

If you rely on supply chains for ingredient ordering, find out when they close for Christmas and if any key staff members are taking holidays. Add this information to your supply chain management system ahead of time, so everyone in your business is aware.

You don’t want to email in a panic, only to be faced with the dreaded out-of-office message!

If your suppliers are taking some time off, experiencing shortages, or are overwhelmed with orders, look at alternative solutions. For example, can you use another supplier or order additional stock ahead of time?

Transparency is essential when it comes to a solid supply chain. Encouraging your suppliers to share data with you makes it easier to ensure you receive a steady flow of high-quality ingredients and other products.

And on a final note, take some time for yourself this Christmas. Do something you enjoy, whether catching up with friends over a coffee, going to a Christmas party, or relaxing in front of your favourite television show. You’ll come back refreshed and revitalised in time for the New Year!

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